"Dr. O'Keefe is by far the best, most caring, skillful and intuitive chiropractor who has ever treated me, and I have experienced many. I have been her patient for more than 20 years. She listens to the patient's concerns and expertly tailors her treatment to their specific needs. I recommend her most highly for complex problems and regular spinal maintenance!"
—Barry Miller, Assistant Professor, UC Davis

"UC Davis Life changing! After being treated by Diane, my frequent headaches stopped and I finally felt clear headed. The sessions also removed the swollen achy feeling in my neck and back. I go back a few times a year and have immediate relief. Diane is a very relaxing person to be around and she is able to make you comfortable even when your body and mind are stressed. "
—Ana Polacek, teacher and mother

"Absolutely amazing!!! I love going to Diane. I feel like a new person after being seen by her. I have been to other chiropractors and felt like I was part of an assembly line. Diane takes her time with each person. She does amazing muscle work as well as the adjustment. She is very caring and makes you feel so comfortable! She also does everything to accommodate your schedule. She's one of a kind!!!!!"
—Candise Morgan , preschool teacher

"Dr. O’Keefe has been treating me for the last 5 years, and is the best chiropractor I’ve been to after years of searching for the right person. She’s highly intuitive, and can immediately feel or sense problem areas and make corrections that instantly help the discomfort. She has a very gentle approach, incorporating muscle work, stretching and massage that works magically. I always feel 100% better after as little as one treatment. I highly recommend Dr. O’Keefe to anyone in need of chiropractic care."
—Colleen Cameron , graphic designer

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