• Neck and low back pain
• Sciatica
• Headaches
• Chronic aches and stiffness
• Auto accident injuries
• Postural problems
• Sports injuries
• Extremity pain and numbness
• Childhood conditions

• 1987 Graduate of Palmer College
   of Chiropractic, Iowa  
• Personalized  care with emphasis on  specific
   and gentle spinal adjustments along with
   deep muscle release techniques
• Over 20 years of experience working with
   patients, witnessing results, and intuitively
   knowing what works for each individual patient
• Results in faster pain relief, reduced number
   of visit and long term proper correction

“...most caring, skillful & intuitive chiropractor who has ever treated me, and I have experienced many.”
“Diane takes her time with each person.  She does amazing muscle work...”
“Life changing! After being treated by Diane, my frequent headaches stopped...”
“I always feel 100% better after as little as one treatment.”
“I have been receiving adjustments from her for years and she's a natural healer.”

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